Safe Sleep 311

The Columbus Service Center

The Columbus Service Center provides access to City services and City information with the highest possible levels of customer service. Through this initiative, City agencies can provide the most efficient service deliveries by enabling them to focus on their core missions, effectively manage workloads, provide assistance to residents and monitor the success of delivered services.

If you are the parent of a newborn and require assistance for any reason, the Columbus Service Center provides a way to submit a request for City Services. Whether you need assistance with issues on your property, or you need a portable crib (Pack ‘n Play), the Service Center is the single point of contact for requesting all non-emergency City services and is available to residents, City businesses and visitors.

Columbus Service Center

(614) 645-3111

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Follow the ABCs of SafeSleep

Babies should always sleep ALONE and in an empty crib.
Babies should always sleep on their BACKS.
An empty CRIB, with a firm mattress and fitted sheet is safest.