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Become a Partner

Help every baby in your community to sleep safe.

Cribs for Kids® National Infant Safe Sleep Initiative, is looking for organizations throughout the country that want to join in our efforts to spread a uniform safe-sleep message with the intervention of a crib if needed.

Since 1998, Cribs for Kids® has been providing safe-sleep education with the intervention of a safe, portable crib to families who cannot otherwise afford a safe place for their babies to sleep. Our goal is to help you fulfill your mission by providing safe sleep education and safe sleeping environments for infants in need in your area as well.

Through the efforts of 900+ Cribs for Kids® National Infant Safe Sleep Initiative partners across the country, we have forged a coalition of organizations that view success for one, as success for all.

It is easy to become a Cribs for Kids® partner — just complete the partner application and then sign our Trademark License Agreement. By signing the Cribs for Kids® Trademark License Agreement, partners agree to adhere to certain standards and guidelines. This license agreement gives them the right to use the standardized forms, Cribs for Kids® name and logo, and order their safe-sleep materials at our discounted prices. Once your Trademark License Agreement has been executed, you will be an official Cribs for Kids® partner! You will have access to our free partner toolkit and we will include your organization or company on our Partner Map.

We are proud of our program’s national success and are looking forward to sharing the Cribs for Kids® program with you. The toolkit includes: educational brochure templates in English and Spanish, hold harmless agreements, parental guidelines, pre and post tests for evaluation purposes, grant writing materials, and more. All of these materials save new partners from ‘reinventing the wheel’ and assure that a consistent safe-sleep message is being spread throughout the country.

Please feel free to contact Judy Bannon at 412-322-5680 Ext. 3 or jbannon@cribsforkids.org with any questions.

To start a Cribs for Kids® Chapter in your area, please fill out the Application Form below.

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Partner Application Form

You cannot save your application form and submit at a later time, so please consider preparing your information in a document that can be saved on your computer and submit when all material is ready to be sent.

If no, please fill out the fields below.

Please provide the following information for your company/organization.

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Step 2

Trademark License Agreement

Please download and complete the Trademark License Agreement. Then send the signed copy to Maggie Phoenik at mphoenik@cribsforkids.org.







Follow the ABCs of SafeSleep

Babies should always sleep ALONE and in an empty crib.
Babies should always sleep on their BACKS.
An empty CRIB, with a firm mattress and fitted sheet is safest.